Naturegarten pre-school covers the 2 years before a child starts primary school (they can start any time from the academic year in which they turn 3). Children at Rosebank (a 3-minute walk away) seamlessly transfer to Naturegarten when they’re ready, but we also welcome children from other nurseries, as well as those who will purely be using their 15 free hours per week (Early Education Funding). Pre-school children are split into 2 groups: Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2.

Kindergarten 1
This group has a base room at the back of the building, accessed through the forest area where parents are greeted by as key person. After breakfast, children can choose from a variety of child-led activities, or separate into smaller groups and use different parts of the setting (toys, books, messy play, cooking, craftwork... it’s all in a day’s work). There’s a designated gym and yoga area for physical activities, and the starlight room for quieter play and sensory experiences. Children spend lots of time outdoors, too. Those who still need a sleep can curl up in the starlight room; and everyone can access the toilets whenever needed. Gradually, Kindergarten 1 children spend more time in the cabin’s main area, which is the base for Kindergarten 2.

Kindergarten 2
Kindergarten 2 is based in the ‘main area’ at the front of the building. Assigned a key person group, Kindergarten 2 children follow a loose timetable that includes gym and yoga, messy play, art and craft, and ICT. They also partake in a daily Fun with Phonics session. Following the DfEE Letters and Sounds programme and the Jolly Phonics programme, we focus on 2 letters a week, running activities that help children begin to learn about reading, writing and numbers in the run-up to school. At this stage it’s all about making it fun, so we use song, rhymes, music and movement to support communication and language. Kindergarten 2 children also follow the British Gymnastics awards programme – a great way to develop the three fundamental building blocks of movement: action, balance and coordination.

What you can book

  • 3-hour sessions (9am–12pm or 12–3pm)
  • 4-hour sessions (9am–1pm or 8am–12pm)
  • Half days (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)
  • 6-hour or 7-hour sessions (9am–3pm or 8am-3pm)
  • Full days (9am-6pm or 8am-6pm)
  • Optional 7.30am early start for additional fee
  • Minimum booking is 2 days or 4 half days per week
  • FEYE (15 free hours) available for all children aged 3+