Just beyond the cobbles of Pepper Street in Lymm, you’ll discover a garden gate. Beyond it, a little path that winds its way past a weeping willow and into The Rosebank Centre’s beautiful mature garden. You’ll see a little castle. A huge sandpit. Several play huts. A great climbing frame. And all sorts of outdoor toys and activities set up for play. Across the large semi-covered patio is the entrance to the Centre, an L-shaped building that frames the garden. It couldn’t really feel more like a home from home. Welcome to Rosebank!

Who is Rosebank for?

The Rosebank Centre caters for babies aged 3 months up to around 2.5/3 years old, at which point they can transfer seamlessly to Rosebank Naturegarten, our log cabin pre-school situated a 3 minute stroll away. (There is no strict age at which children move from Rosebank to Naturegarten – it will simply happen when they’re naturally ready.) There are 3 ‘base rooms’ at Rosebank for different age groups – however, these age bands are not rigid. We understand that every child develops at their own pace, so will ‘move up’ a room once they’re ready. Similarly, children’s transfer to Naturegarten from Rosebank happens when the time feels naturally right.

The Baby Room

Approx. 3 to 18 months
A lovely open-plan, light and airy room split into various smaller play areas. With plenty of sensory toys, a messy play table, and space for singing and other interactive stuff, little ones have lots to keep them engaged. The eating area has high chairs and a children’s table, and there are cots and sleep mats for naps. The Baby Room opens out onto the garden and a sheltered patio for indoor/outdoor play (or naps in a buggy).

Fox Cubs

Approx. 18 months to 2 years
Our middle group has a veritable warren of rooms to play, dine and sleep in. From activity areas crammed with books and toys, to open spaces for interactive play, art and craft (there’s even a little indoor slide!), there’s plenty to keep Fox Cubs happy. With direct access to the garden, children spend lots of time in the fresh air, with a huge sandpit and all kinds of outdoor toys and games to explore.


Tufty Ducks

Approx. 2 to 3 years
Tufty Ducks’ base is a large studio room full of toys and books, with plenty of space for physical activities, arts and crafts. Expect lots of messy play, and lots of paintings and craftwork to be presented to you at pick-up! Again, children have access to the garden and patio, including the sandpit, climbing frames, swings and slides, as well as little trikes and bikes and organised water-play.

The facilities at The Rosebank Centre

  • 3 base rooms, one per age group
  • Baby-changing rooms and sleep areas in each base room
  • Sensory room, workshop and studio
  • Large mature garden including undercover area
  • Sandpit, climbing frames, play huts, planting beds, mini orchard
  • Kitchen on site where all food is freshly prepared daily

What you can book

  • Full days (8am-6pm)
  • Half days (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)
  • Optional 7.30am early start for additional fee
  • Minimum booking is 2 days or 4 half days per week
  • 2-Year Funded places are available for eligible children

The Rosebank Centre is open all year round, excluding Bank Holidays and Christmas (for which you won’t be charged). For fees and any questions you have regarding bookings, please contact us


What happens after Rosebank?

Once your child is approaching 3 years old, they’ll be ready to fly the Rosebank nest and join the crew at Rosebank Naturegarten. Our beautiful purpose-built log cabin pre-school is a 3-minute walk up the road, situated right next to Ravenbank Community Primary School.